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The Ankara Black Aqeeq Ring


- Finest plated💫
- Premium Quality🔥
- Hand crafted by Masterful artisans 🖌

Introducing the exquisite S925 Sterling Silver Ottoman Turkish Ring for Men with a black aqeeq stone. This timeless piece is the perfect accessory for the modern man who wants to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to his wardrobe.

Crafted with the finest quality S925 sterling silver, this ring is designed to last a lifetime. The intricate Ottoman Turkish design is a nod to the rich cultural history of the Ottoman Empire, while the black aqeeq stone adds a touch of mystery and intrigue.

• Materials: 100% Pure Silver (Chandi)
• Original Design crafted with perfection.
• Gemstone: Synthetic Aqeeq (Lab created)
• Handmade

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, sprays, hand sanitizers, submerging in water or any kind of chemical. To protect it from moisture, place it in the box.

Comes with signature BASHA luxury box.

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Ring Size Guide:

We know that a lot of people ask about ring sizes.
Since most of our rings are bought online, customers can't try them on first.
So, we've made a ring size guide to help you find the right fit.

Ring Size Guide
BASHA SIZE   MM (DIAMETER)   US/Canada      Austrailian/British Size   
9 15.7 MM 5 J 1/2
10 15.9 MM 5.25 K 1/4
11 16.1 MM 5.5 L
11/12 16.3 MM 5.75 L 1/4
12 16.5 MM 6 M
12/13 16.7 MM 6.25 M 1/2
13 16.9 MM 6.5 N
14 17.1 MM 6.75 N 1/2
14/15 17.3 MM 7 O
15/16 17.5 MM 7.25 O 1/2
16 17.7 MM 7.5 P
17 17.9 MM 7.75 P 1/2
17/18 18.1 MM 8 Q
18/19 18.3MM 8.25 Q 1/2
19 18.5 MM 8.5 Q 3/4
19/20 18.7 MM 8.75 R 1/4
20 18.9 MM 9 R 3/4
21 19.2 MM 9.25 S 1/4
21/22 19.4 MM 9.5 S 3/4
22 19.6 MM 9.75 T 1/4
22/23 19.8 MM 10 T 1/2
24 20 MM 10.25 U
24/25 20.2 MM 10.5 U 1/2
25 20.4 MM 10.75 U 1/4
35/26 20.7 MM 11 V 1/2
26 20.8 MM 11.25 W 1/4
27 21.1 MM 11.5 W 3/4
27/28 21.2 MM 11.75 X 1/4
28/29 21.5 MM 12 Y
29 21.7 MM 12.25 Y 1/2
29/30 21.9 MM 12.5 Z
30 22.1 MM 12.75 Z 1/2
30/31 22.3 MM 13 Z + 1
31 22.7 MM 13.5 Z + 1.5
32/33 23.1 MM 14 Z + 2
33 23.4 MM 14.5 Z + 3




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No need to stress! Our ring size guide should assist you in picking the right size. But if the ring doesn't fit, just reach out to us at Our incredibly friendly customer care team will be glad to exchange the ring for the correct size!

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